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Dell 5535 Firmware Error


I've got a Dell 5535dn printer throwing a blue screen firmware error when trying to print documents across a network. The problem is intermittent though, I can't get the same document to crash the printer every time.

The error it throws is : 900.57 Firmware error Process P4.PCLXL:2227 CAUGHT SIGSEGV addr=###

I've updated the firmware twice, tried both the open print driver and the 5535 driver.

Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?


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Re: Dell 5535 Firmware Error

We've had the same problem on the 5530dn printer.  We've even had dell replace the printer and the same error keeps showing up.  I've setup a new print server using the new Dell universal print driver and we are testing to see if this fixes the issue.  If it does I'll post a reply.

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