Dell 720P: PDF - "Output file name" error

Hi, can anybody help with this problem, please?
I've set up my Dell printer and successfully printed test pages etc.  I began printing pages from a pdf document.  it worked.  but when i returned to the same document, to print another pages i was prompted by a pop up to type in an "Output file name".  I've tried just typing in a file name but this doesn't work.  All I get is an error message:
"could not start print job"
if i try to close this window, i'm then prompted with another pop up message:
Local Port: Could not open the file, the system could not find the path specified.
I've tried printing other file types and they work fine.
Any suggestions much appreciated!
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Re: Dell 720P: PDF - "Output file name" error

This is a problem with Adobe Reader, you will have to take it up with them!
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