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Dell AIO A940 Printer~Won't Print emails from Microsoft Outlook

Yesterday, I had security issues...possibly trojans affecting my PC...previous security software was uninstalled...two new security programs were installed and scanned PC and all threats were removed.


I noticed AFTERWARDs that I cannot print an email from Microsoft Outlook, using my AIO A940 Dell Printer.  I can print a document from My Documents just fine.  I just can't print an email.


In Outlook, when I click on the "printer" icon at the top of the screen, the "printing" box flashes across the screen quickly, but there is no printer icon added to the tray at the bottom of the screen, and there is no printing engaged.   When I try to print using the File, Print commands, the "Printer Dialogue Box" comes up on the screen.   In the box beside Name, where I would expect to see the named connected printer there in DARK print, it is not there...there is no access to a drop down menu to add or select a printer either.   Memo Style is selected...I click OK to print, and again, nothing happens...no icon added to the bottom tray...no email printed.  It's as though the printer is not connecting when using Outlook.


Conversely, when I go to My Documents and print out a document saved to my PC, I have no problem.  Printer works just fine, whether I use the printer icon or go to File, Print and click.   In this case, the "Printer Dialogue Box" contains the name of the printer in clear dark print and can be highlighted within the box.  (there is only one printer connected).   There is no issue printing  here.


I have tried:

Reinstalling the A940 drives from the original disc included with my Dell 4600 Dimension PC, purchased Dec 2003 (yes, I know...OLD).  When the program installed, there was a message that my system needed updating; however, the installation of the printer was successful, it said.

I have run a "Detect and Repair" program from the Microsoft Outlook page...but it said that my version of Microsoft Office 2003 was updated successfully.


The printer is not paused, it is checked as my detault printer, there is no problem with power.  

Do I need to DL/install other printer drivers?  Which ones...I was not able to figure that out from the Printer Driver page for my printer model.  

Do I need to reinstall Microsoft Office 2003, which includes Microsoft Outlook?

How can I print out my emails from Microsoft Outlook?   This seems like an Outlook issue, since I can print documents fine from My Documents.


I'd appreciate any help possible or advice.  Thanks!  (I am putting off purchasing a new system until Windows 7 is released....trying to survive with this.  I have recently upgraded memory...now 1.25 GB installed.....still minimal, but better than 256 MB  RAM, which is what I started with in 2003!)


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