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Dell E525w duplex printing Win 10


Have an Dell E525w.

I'm getting this error:

Incompatible print settings:

 There are one or more conflicting settings.

One of the conflicting settings is:

Two-sided printing: Flip on long edge

Duplex Unit: Not installed

Resolve all conflict for me autmatically

I will resolve the conflict myself.


Looked for the 'get info from printer" and can't find it either, must be because which driver is installed.  How can I fix this.  




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Re: Dell E525w duplex printing Win 10

Hi TimW66,

The E525w has no duplex functionality so if you try and print something with a duplex setting it will throw you that error.

Try setting the print option to "Print One Sided" and it should work from there.



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Re: Dell E525w duplex printing Win 10

My E525w was printing double sided fine, just had to manually re--insert the pages.  now it won't give me the option.

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