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Dell MFP 3115 CN disk anyone? Getting Launcher Error

Hello all,

I managed to lose the install disk that came with my Dell 3115 CN, and I did download what I could find on the Dell site, and for my two computers that connect via network with Ethernet cable all is well, however I have an XP machine that is hooked up via USB as from my understanding the scan function cannot be done with a PC that is connected over the network.

What I downloaded from the Dell site did install the Dell 3115 CN Launcher but when I attempt to open either the Scan Button Manager or Scan Center, I get an error:

Cannot start application.

Application has not been installed or the file has been moved to the other location.

I think I read somewhere that whatever is needed is not included with the download, it was only on the disk.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can get this going, or preferably, have a copy of a 3115cn disk they can send me?  I have no idea what happened to the disk but I have looked everywhere and cannot find the stupid thing.  I do know that when I last reinstalled from that disk I did not have any problems whatsoever.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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Re: Dell MFP 3115 CN disk anyone? Getting Launcher Error

I am having the same issue, I need an original install CD for the Dell 3115cn, and from what I have read, I need Rev 001 of this cd (or newer).   Can someone from Dell point me in the right direction to get this CD?