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Dell P703W "Paper Jam"

Any buddy knows what can be causing a “paper jam” on a brand new Dell P703W printer?

We checked the paper path and there is no paper jam, but the printer keeps reporting a paper jam error.

The carrier and ink cartridges are stocked on the right side and no longer moves to the center when you open the printer.





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Re: Dell P703W "Paper Jam"

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If this print head is not seated properly on the carrier, the carrier/printhead assembly will strike the underside of the top cover when the carrier attempts to move toward the home position at the right edge of the printer, causing a carrier stall. The printer will falsely report this as a paper jam, even if there is no paper in the printer.

1. Unplug the power core from the back of the printer.

2. Lift the print head from the lower left corner.

3. Move the carrier to the center by pulling gently on the ribbon cable.  Note, if the carrier is jammed under the lid and will not freely move toward the center using gentle pressure, then it may be necessary to re-attach the power cord and power the printer up while gently pulling the cable.

4. Remove the ink cartridges.

5. Press on the center of the print head until it clicks in place. This will require fairly firm pressure and will seat with an audible snap sound.

6. Test the assembly by lifting up on the head assembly. If the assembly lifts up, repeat 5. If the print head does not come out, you can test it further by pushing the carrier assembly to the right. If the carrier passes completely under the lid of the printer until only about 1/2 inch is visible, the print head is now installed properly.

7. Close the lid and re-attach the power cable.

8. Turn on the printer and verify the paper jam error has been eliminated.

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Re: Dell P703W "Paper Jam"

Also try looking where the paper try is and make sure the switch where the paper go in is not stick in the up position.


Sometimes the things to do in this article works.


Print roller and Jam problems




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