Dell Printer B2360dn error

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I have Dell B2360dn printer and it is showing a error code "Load MP feeder with custom type 6 paper letter"

I am not a computer expert or anything like it.

Can someone help me on this one

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RE: Dell Printer B2360dn error

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I usually follow these steps.

1) Check to make sure the job being printed is letter size and intended to default to tray 1 in the print dialogue window.

2) Open the queue of the printer and pause or cancel the jobs being processed by the printer, or cancel the print jobs at the printer control panel.

3) Pull paper tray 1 and ensure the paper selector is set for letter.  This sometimes slides a little, and these issues occur after a user changes the setting to legal and  back to letter.

4) Select the wrenck on the printer control panel to open the menu and navigate to Paper settings.  Ensure the settins use Tray 1 as the default.  Select paper size as letter and select plain as the paper type.  Navigate to the MF settings and change it to letter size and plain type.  You could make this your legal size tray if you wanted.

Once the settings are saved you can exit the menu.  Trya test page or print an onboard menu item to test.  paper should be pulled from Tray 1.

I hope this helps.