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Dell Printer Notifications

I had to do a 'Clean' reinstall of Windows 10. Then re-installed Dell C3760dn software from Dell CD-ROM. NOW, every time I start my computer, a notification window (lower-right corner of desktop) Pops-Up for each printer on our network (6-notifications, one after the other)!  I've (1) turned-off ALL windows notifications, (2) disabled all Dell related startup apps, and (3) completely uninstalled the Dell C3760dn software. YET, when I restart the computer, these still keep popping-up.

I can't find any sites on the Web that help with this. I realize Dell stopped making printers after a corporate merger - but why did they remove all printer support from their site - since there are still millions of users of Dells legacy printers out there! Please help me stop these irritating notifications!

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Simply go to Printer software and stop the Email

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