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Dell V313w Printer Problems

This is a popular printer problem that I have been reading about online and I am looking for a fix.

The ever so popular "There is a problem with the printhead. Please consult Users Guide"

I did everything plus some that I could find in the Users Guide and online Dell discussions , cleaned the print head, reinserted ink cartridges 15 times, ok maybe only 12, reseated the power cord, reinstalled drivers, everything except buying a new printer. Unfortunately I did not even get through 1 set of ink cartridges and my printer is out of warranty. From what I could find, a new printhead is around $80 and I only paid a little over $100 for the printer.

Is there a fix that anyone knows about that I did not try yet ?

Thank you

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Re: Dell V313w Printer Problems



Try reading...

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