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Dell c1765nf Error code 009-654 2880000

I get this error every time I turn it on.   I have cleaned the sensors, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.  Can't seem to find anything else.  Called support, but as I am out of warranty, they won't tell me ANYTHING.   I have no problem paying for parts, but I do have a problem paying $59 for them to tell me what their mystery code means. 

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RE: Dell c1765nf Error code 009-654 2880000


Below is a post from the Dell Forum on what a user did to resolve the same error.

Posted by:PMANNA-Dell Community Forum

I was able to resolve the dreaded 009-654 on my c1765nfw. I downloaded/installed the usb driver for the printer and connected the printer to a usb port on my computer. I downloaded the latest firmware driver. I started the printer with a toner cartridge removed. I ran the Dell firmware upgrade program and it recognized that the printer was connected and loaded the firmware. When the firmware installation completed, I restarted the printer and everything is working again.

This solution may work on all other Dell printers that experienced the same error.

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