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Dell color laser 3010cn "Print Spooler" error when attempting to print a web page?

Windows 7

Dell XPS Dimension 8300

Dell 3010cn printer.

Dell 3010cn printer has been working great with XPS 8300 since January 2012.  Today, when trying to print driving directions using Google Maps, the printer stops working and reports a "print spooler" error; i.e., "print spooler service isn't running." 

Restarted XPS and 3010cn and tried to print a WORD document.  Document printed fine.  Tried again to print directions from Google Maps, printer does not print.  GO back to WORD and try to print the same document, and WORD states that "no printers are installed."  Restart computer and 3010cn again and WORD prints fine.  Try to print web page again, and same problem repeats itself.

Any ideas as to what is going on here?  Thanks.

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Aryan Vaishnav
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Re: Dell color laser 3010cn "Print Spooler" error when attempting to print a web page?

Hi Xxxmetal,

Welcome to the Dell Community,

Thank you for posting on Dell Community Forum, extremely to sorry to hear that you are getting the print spooler not working error while printing directions from Google Maps from IE.

I assume that you are printing from IE9. Please try printing the same using a different Web Browser (Google Chrome & Firefox) it works fine with other browsers. While printing from IE9 it crashes the print spooler on the system. So the only way you will be able to print from IE is if you downgrade the IE to IE 8. You can also try the below mentioned step by running a Microsoft Fixit for the issue. Also try printing from both 64 & 32Bit IE.

If it still doesn’t work, the only way you will be able to print directions on Google Maps/Bing Maps is through an alternate web browser.

Run the fixit available in the link below to reset internet explorer (IE) settings

 How to reset Internet Explorer settings


Note: That running RIES (Reset Internet Explorer Settings) will reset all user-defined settings including those set by installed extensions, toolbars and other add-ons to IE Defaults. This includes all Security, Privacy and Zone settings. Also this will clear browsing history, delete all temporary Internet Files, cookies, form data and especially all stored passwords.

Please reply to the post if you have any further queries.

Thanks & Regards


Dell Social Media Responder

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