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Dell v515 will not print


I am a new user around here.  I have two problems regarding Dell v515.

My family purchased Dell v515 all-in-one printer a few months ago.  I was working fine, but recently we've have two problems.

The first problem is that it will not print when I am trying to print a document, web page, etc. through my Vista.  It will only print when I have to restart my computer.  The weirdest part is that documents can print through my laptop and that I can scan and make copies of documents just fine.

The Second problem is that whenever I can get the printer to print is that it will not print in black, just color.  However, the printer doesn't tell me that I am running out of black ink.  All the ink is there.

My main problem may be my Vista.  It often crashes every 15 minutes after I turn it on, forcing me to restart the computer each time.  I've tried cleaning out my computer using Norton Security Suite and  Iolo System Mechanic premium, but I still have that problem of random crashes.

As for my Dell v515, do I have to reinstall it to get it working properly again?

Can anyone help me?  Thanks.

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Re: Dell v515 will not print

Hi disman00911,

Welcome to the Community.

If the issue started recently, I would suggest you to perform system restore using the link mentioned below:


In case that does not fix the issue, uninstall the printer software. Unplug the printer and install the driver of the printer.

Hope it helps.

Thanks & Regards
Manshu S

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