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Document feeder on the H625cdw works erratically

Just 1 year after purchase the document feeder on the H625cdw  works erratically. Two weeks after warranty period ended, the roller that should come down in ADF and pull the paper to be scanned, no longer comes down or comes down at wrong time. So, cannot consistently scan multi page documents, 

I am not sure if the problem coincided with a Software release or not, but first time I noticed the feed problem was after a recommended FW upgrade in December.

Sometimes, if I push the paper far enough into the mouth of the ADF until I feel some resistance, it scans but after a couple of pages, aborts with jam indicator. Usually, the paper does not get pulled in at all, but it appears to make usual mechanical noises of trying to pull in paper from ADF, and then shows a jam indicator.

P.S. : I do see another customer asking same question in July, but no responses.

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RE: Document feeder on the H625cdw works erratically


Welcome to our community. We might have to update firmware for the printer and check if the issue resolves.

Private message the service tag, so that we can if there is a firmware update. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.

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