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E514dw print function will not work; job spools but never prints

Dell E514dw print function just stopped working out of the blue.  This happened several months ago.

When a document is printed from the PC (Win10), it spools, disappears from the queue, and the LCD on the printer shows "Receiving Data".  BUT IT NEVER PRINTS.  It hangs there.  I have to completely shut down the printer to clear the memory.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver MULTIPLE times.  I've stopped and started the Spooler service.  I've started and restarted too many times to count.  I've done all the usual tricks.

I don't think it's an operating system or driver issue.  I think it's a printer issue.  I can't even print a test page from the onboard menu on the printer.

Any thoughts or clues?  I really appreciate it!

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I think it sounds like an issue with the printer (since test page from the menu doesn't work), but have you tried doing the test page after a fresh power down/on etc? Also, how is your computer connected to the printer?

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Exact the same issue. Tried multiple different ways

Reinstall driver, restart computer, reset printer, power off and on, nothing works

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I just tried a fresh power down and test print... Unfortunately the printer just hangs on "Test Print... Printing", but nothing further happens.

Printer is connected via USB cable.




exact same problem i experienced.  tried uninstall reinstalling driver.


Test page without USB connection or WITH cable would not print.

Often says "Receiving Data" and nothing happens


I have the exact same problem with E514DW. The copier works but the printer is having problem. Test page stuck in Printing and anything else stuck in Receiving Data.

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Hi Kevin, 

Thanks for the updates, can you let me know if the printer is still in Warranty? Unfortunately it sounds like this might be hardware related, but I will also check on my side, just to make sure I am not missing anything. 

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Does the spooled print job print if you restart your computer?

Did you check your virus program and firewall?



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Were you able to find a resolution? Experiencing the exact same issues described, exact same model of Printer.


Cant even print a configuration page. Just sits at "Receiving data". I've let it sit for 20+minutes. Rebooted and tried again. Same issue.


Thank you.


exact same issue i have and i see no resolution here or searching it online. any any help?

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