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E515DW never prints, I have to reconnect to WiFi EVERY TIME

I really HATE this stupid printer. It's supposed to print wirelessly. I have re-connected this to my network hundreds of times. I have used the one-push WPS feature from my cable modem/router as well as the PIN mode from the printer. The WiFi button is lit all the time which I would assume means that it is connected to the network and ready to print. It never does. When I press the WiFi button, it asks if I want to set up WiFi. Why would I want to set it up when it's already set up? If the light is on, then it is set up, right? I have to go through the WPS connection process every time I want to print. Worse, it then wastes a sheet of paper printing out a stupid report that it successfully connected to the network. I've printed more of these reports than I have printed anything I actually wanted. There does not seem to be a way to stop this report printing (it also prints when the connection fails). I have gone through the printer settings and my router settings dozens of times to try to find the magic setting to make this just work, to no avail.

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