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E525W duplex printing with Windows 10

I can't seem to find the option to turn on Duplex printing on my E525W printer. The Menu>Printer Setup option doesn't show up on the display and logging onto the printer web page settings doesn't show any selection for Duplex.  The manual says I should be able to manually duplex without a special tray. 

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RE: E525W duplex printing with Windows 10


Select Flip on Short Edge or Flip on Long Edge from the Duplex menu on the
General or Paper/Output tab in the printer driver.

Click the link below to download the online users manual for the printer. The manual provides the information needed to setup the printer.

Also, check in the  Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool for settings as well.

Dell e525w Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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RE: E525W duplex printing with Windows 10


Have an Dell E525w.

I'm getting this error:

Incompatible print settings:

 There are one or more conflicting settings.

One of the conflicting settings is:

Two-sided printing: Flip on long edge

Duplex Unit: Not installed

Resolve all conflict for me autmatically

I will resolve the conflict myself.


Looked for the 'get info from printer" and can't find it either, must be because which driver is installed.  How can I fix this.  Please email me if you would at




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