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Factory Reset Laser Printer 1710n

Need Help Please!

For some reason I was trying to set this printer up with a fixed IP but instead I disabled TCP IP some how.

I only can connect via USB not network.

I need the "How To" on restoring to "Factory Default" without using the web, since that is not an option.

All you DELL GuRu's please respond!

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Re: Factory Reset Laser Printer 1710n

I own a Dell 1700n, an earlier model of the one that you have; I assume the same general help will apply to yours as well. I inadvertently did the same with my model 1700n when I first got it a couple of years ago. It is actually a good idea to assign your printer a unique IP address.

In your Users Guide there is a section with the heading, "Understanding the Printer Menus"; find the section that begins with "Utilities Menu". It should look similiar to what appears below.

Utilities Menu
Use the Utilities menu to troubleshoot printer problems.

Reset Factory Defaults
Use this setting to: return your printer settings to the factory default values. Sometimes resetting the printer to the original settings solves formatting problems. All menu items are reset to the factory default values except:

Display Language.

All settings in the Parallel menu, Network menu, and USB menu.

All downloaded resources (fonts, macros, and symbol sets) in printer memory (RAM) are deleted. Resources in flash memory are unaffected.

If you don't remember where your Users Guide is, you can go to and download a copy in pdf or html format.

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Re: Factory Reset Laser Printer 1710n

Here is the solution which took me 2 nights to crack!

1. Turn off the printer
2. Open the front cover.
3. While the Continue and Cancel buttons are depressed, turn the printer on.
4. When the error LED on the control panel is lit solid, close the cover.

Hope this will be useful to everyone else...

Jason 😉

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RE: Factory Reset Laser Printer 1710n

That worked great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It even printed out the config page after it reset the printer. It defaulted to dhcp and provided ip address. You can then enter that address in browser to get to the printer config utility. You can then change settings without having to mess with username/password credentials because it's all reset. I wanted to access this utility to set a static IP for the printer. very useful! two thumbs up!

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