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Faded print on c2660dn after waste toner box filled up

I need a solution for faded printing from c2660dn color laser printer (using an Inspiron 15R identified as Alienware and RAW print processor). The printer is two years old and has plenty of life left on the drums, etc.

Soon after replacing black toner, print faded and I received a message to replace waste toner box, which was overflowing. It took a couple weeks but I replaced it and tried every solution I could find in the manual and in database articles to restore print quality. Diagnostics atop the printer says all is okay, but that is obviously wrong. As is the info from my device manager saying, “This device is working properly.”

I’ve scrutinized the user manual and tried all the suggestions that might apply, so please don’t refer me to it. The troubleshooting in it says to turn off toner saver but my driver has no toner saver to turn off (and I've re-installed the driver, too). I’ve also found no solution from adjusting the color preference options, though I’m unfamiliar with the bulk of them. Most important, I did a thorough cleaning, e.g., drums, ROS, full assembly, without effect. I only cleaned parts I could access without a screwdriver, but even reached deep into the drum housing areas to clean it, but still without success. I wonder though if there is something deeper that needs to be cleaned or reset.

I've spent many hundreds of dollars on the printer and toners. It was printing fine a month ago just before the problem. Actually perfect, and worth bragging about. Now it's terrible, half the color density it needs. I’ve spent dozens of hours trying to get the quality back, but nothing works.


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