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Half full print cartridges won't lay down ink

The Series 21 ink cartridges for my Dell V313 3-in-one printer stop laying down ink, even though the ink status report shows the barrels half full. I'm reluctant to order yet another set of expensive cartridges if there is some way I can access the lower half of the barrels. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Half full print cartridges won't lay down ink

Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

I have the same issue, only my color cartridge works fine. Both cartridges show that they are half full, but the black only leaves faint grey streaks. I have tried cleaning the print heads, the damp paper towel method, reinstalled the cartridges, turned the power off and disconnected the printer for 10 minutes then reconnected everything... I don't get any error messages, it just won't grab the black ink properly. If the cartridges were more affordable, I wouldn't be as concerned! 😛

I hope your problem is resolved by now (it would give me hope that I can figure something out as well)!

Thanks for sharing,

Protozoa Chickie :]

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