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My Dell 3000cn can't find its IP address. The only thing it says in the manual is "If the IP address is, wait a few minutes to resolve the IP address automatically and then print the Printer Settings page again." That's also the only advice I've found looking at posts and forums online. Problem is that I've waited minutes, and then hours, but it still gives the IP Address as   

The manual does say that there's a point where the IP address can be updated using the installation software. Unfortunately, my Windows 7 computer can't seem to read the installation disk. I get as far as the opening screen, where I click on "Network Installation" (or either of the other two options), but nothing productive happens. The screen goes black for a few seconds, but then it comes back with the same opening screen.  

I can use the printer by connecting a printer cable to a USB port, but I'd really like to have my wireless capability back!

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