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Ink for my Dell 946 printer

I think buying 2 ink cartridges for my printer for $73.00 is outrageous! These will be my last ink purchase with dell..It will be more cost effective to look for low cost ink cartridges and then buy the AIO printer that they are intended for...What also drives me absolutely nuts with Dell is the people they hire for customer service that have a heavy foreign accent and speak so fast that their words all run together! You get this heavy foreign accent coupled with a so-so phone connection and it is impossible to conduct business with this person..Dell really needs to monitor these customer service people and those that are getting sloppy or uncaring with their English language, put in a class for English 101...This is still a country whose language is English! Not pigeon English, not almost English or even heavy foreign accented unintelligible spoke English in a machine gun Rat-a-tat-tat , rolled "R" and wrong tense usage English spoken to customers on a NOT so clear phone connections....Press 1 for Spanish, Press 2 for almost English, Press 3 for poor English being spoken faster than normal English! Press 4 for a company that will staff customer service people than can actually communicate on an intelligent level with you!

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