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Install A960 driver with Vista

I have this computer running on Vista for 3 years and my A960 printer has been working fine. Recently it lost the function of scan to file. I was trying to re-install the printer driver following the instructions posted here by Dell's Gina on June 7, 2007. I got the following error message: " unable to install printer. Printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT4.0 drivers". Have I done anything wrong? Or was my Vista OS corrupted in preparing the system for installation?

I am not able to do the system restoration either.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Re: Install A960 driver with Vista



Gina's post was from 2007. Gina no longer works for Dell.


Did you try these instructions?


First run Delete Print Jobs to remove any stuck print job in the queue.

Disconnect the printer.

Download and run the patch(printer cleanup utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.

Restart your computer. Make sure the printer is removed.
Manual Printer Driver Removal

Download the proper drivers. Install the proper drivers. You'll get a message, the printer is not connected. Connect the printer at this time(powered on)

Links to the patch/drivers can be found at...

Dell A960 All-In-One Printer owners thread (W7)

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