Keep getting 091-972 Insert Drum Cartridge error..

Hi yall,
I have a Dell 3000CN printer and it's now not detecting the drum cartridge that I install in it. I've purchased a couple of new ones already and the message is still "091-972 Insert Drum Cartdridge".
It must be a sensor thing, but where is it and how do I fix it? Or if not fixing it at least fake-it that the printer thinks a drum cartdridge is in.
I read somewhere that dell had defective internal sensors for the Drum, but don't know where they are or how I can fix or disable it.
I tried the to Init NVRAM, but no luck still got the same message after turning the printer back on.
I made sure the new drums clicked in place and verified many times with no luck.
and I'm out of waranty so I can't call Dell without dishing out mucho $
Please help....
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