MPF on Printer Laser Dell 3100cn

I have a Printer Dell 3100cn and I would print on transparencies. I change the settings, putting the selected paper on tranparencies et the MPF on Transparencies and A4 and I feed the tray. When I used the command to print, a message tell me to feed MPF with transparencies A4, but this is already donne and nothing more happend. Help me please, Sophaline
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Re: MPF on Printer Laser Dell 3100cn

A strange thing about the printer is that you have to not only tell it in the printer preferences in Windows which paper and tray, but also in the printer menu. You need to designate what type of paper either using the front menu panel on the printer or the Status Monitor Console software to change the settings. The Windows printer preference settings have to match the printer menu settings. I had the same problem using glossy paper. I have not figured out any better way.
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