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Microsoft update and Dell 1720

A Microsoft automatic update has resulted in my printer starting to work, when I tell it to print, pausing and then printing.  The first sheet, however, always comes out with playing card symbols and a smiley face!  The actual printing then starts on the next sheet of paper.

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Re: Microsoft update and Dell 1720

You need to Install a new generic printer and driver.

Go to start, settings, printers, Select "install a new printer tab"

Select the "Windows Update" button and wait.

Select the "Generic" printer manufacturer.

Select the "35 ppm pcl" printer and complete the new printer installation.

After the printer is installed, you will need right click on the printer icon and go into the printer properties.

Select general tab, printer preferences button, paper tab and select 2-sided printing on lon edge.

Select the  layout tab you should check the scale to fit box. 


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