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Mono Laser MFP 1125

I use a MFP 1125 with a SCADA system and it prints off a daily report. Is there a way that I can get that report ot automatically fax out to a pre-set fax number once it prints?

I have looked long and hard thrugh the user guide.

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Re: Mono Laser MFP 1125

If this won't do what you need, then I doubt it'll do what your looking for.

1  Press Scroll (<>) to select Fax and press Select.
2  Press Scroll (<>) to select Reports and press Select.
3  Press Scroll (<>) to display the report or list you want to print on the bottom line.
    •  Directory: Directory list 
    •  Scheduled Jobs: Scheduled job information 
    •  Activity Report: Shows all fax activity
4  Press Select.

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