P513W problems

I bought a Dell P513W AIO printer around a year ago and I have had the very nerving Printerhead problem several times, but somehow manages to print a few pages. Now suddenly it stopped printing black although the black ink shows 50% full. I then started looking on the internet for this problem and I'm supriced that Dell still can sell printers. Everyone seems to have problems with their Dell printer. My warrenty runs out in 8 days and if Dell does not solve my issue, I will buy another brand and I will advise everyone else to do the same.

Also Dell support on the web is useless. One can get sales support 24/7, but try to get technical support 3-4 working days, if you at all manage to enter a support case.


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Re: P513W problems



Since it's undedr warranty, contact Dell. If memory serves me correctly, replacing the printhead solves the problem.





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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Re: P513W problems

Similar experience with v515 AIO.  Purchased late June, 2010.  Occasional home use.   Began "streaking" and "bleeding" in Jan.2011  Followed cleaning and alignment procedures but problem persisted.  Changed cartridges but still same .  Finally it quit printing altogether.  Spent long time for so-called Tech Support by e-mail chat.  Was even dropped off queue once because I could not type and send reply quick enough for the "techie."   Tried again the next day and after several "representatives" finally got one who helped.  Dell sent a replacement printer.  

That one developed the same problem last week.  Called and talked with NINE "customer service representatives" each of whom just transferred me to someone else.  HAd to repeat information all over each time.  First four said they had no record of Service Tag.  Apparently no one had changed my account to show the service tag # of the replacement I ahd been sent. Finally got that resolved and then was told the replacement was out of warranty!  I only had it for 6 months. Was told that it was covered only by the original unit's warranty period.   Said OK send me a new printhead. Was told they are not available except as warranty replacements.  HUH??   And that if I could buy one would be $127, more than the price of a total  new printer.  HUH???  again!  I ordered a new printer from Dell only because I had recently purchased a set of 6 new cartridges .  Otherwise I would have gone to Best Buy or Staples  and gotten an HP. 

Dell knows it has a POS for a printer but instead of doing the right thing it blows off the problem and forces customer to buy another printer.  And Customer Service is poor.  As for the orignal printer I had returned through Dell's authorized shipper, a month later they were claiming I had never returned it!  I had e-mail confirmations from the shipper that it had been delivered to their OH depot a few days after I sent it.  So, last week when I am trying to get the records with Dell updated to reflect the service tag # of the replacement and not the original, as still shown,  then I was told by one rep that their records indicated  that I had returned BOTH!   

I had read a number of negative reviews about this printer...now I well understand the problems others have encountered.  It's cheap junk!

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