Paperless Paper Jam - Dell 2150cdn Laser -


My printer is registering a paper jam. I've checked all the "usual" stops for the paper jam and there is no paper visible. 

I've heard this could be an issue of a paper sensor misfiring. Does anyone know anything about this? Where are the paper sensors and how are they fixed?

If you have any other ideas about this issue, please feel free to post.

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Re: Paperless Paper Jam - Dell 2150cdn Laser -

There are only 2 real paper path sensors on the 2150. The first will be just above the paper tray behind the feed rollers and the other will be inside of the fuser. I would contact dell support if you are in warranty. The fuser can be replaced if that sensor is damaged, only takes one screw to remove, but the one above the paper tray is tougher to service. Hopefully there is just a small scrap stuck in the sensor and your error will clear.

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