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Poorest Customer Service Ever!

I have owned a total of 15-20 Dell computers, both desk top and laptop. I recently contacted Dell about a XPS L702X laptop that is about 14 months old. It is a factory re-manufactured unit. The hard drive containing the operating system failed. It has two 500 Gb hard drives. The failed hard drive is a Seagate Momentus, which I have read is experiencing a high failure rate.  I ended up spending a total of about 7-8 hours trying to resolve the issue with Dell. Everyone I spoke with was in India...each time I was transferred numerous times and was placed on "hold" at least 30 minutes each time...and I always had to press "1" for English, which I find very insulting. I was disconnected several times and had to call back and labor through the voice prompts to get back to where I was before being disconnected. I had to re-explain the problem to everyone with whom I spoke...I'm guessing, at least, 10-12 different people all together. I tried to purchase a 750 Gb hard drive from Dell, to replace the failed 500 Gb, but the representative could not tell me the manufacturer of the replacement hard drive. He only stated it was Dell...and we all know Dell does not manufacture hard drives. I specifically did not want a Seagate Momentus, so I ended up purchasing a Western Digital 750 Gb Scorpio Black from Newegg. Dell should take lessons from Newegg's customer service. It is one of the best. I needed a disc for the operating system, since it came loaded on the computer, so (unfortunately) I had to go back to Dell. After numerous calls, and practically begging them to sell me the disc ,they agreed to ship me the single disc for approximately $20.00. In comparison (and so Dell knows about there competition) two months ago I had a hard drive fail in a 5 year old Compaq laptop. I called HP to get a disc for the operating system re-install, since it had come loaded on the computer. I was on the telephone less than 5 minutes, speaking with an (English speaking) HP tech in Tennessee. He shipped me the operating system disc free of charge. I received it the next day, even though I had not requested next day delivery. It did not cost me a penny and the disc loaded perfectly. In the case of Dell, after paying the $20.00, Dell shipped the disc. I received it 6 days later. It was at my home when i arrived Friday night. It was in PORTUGUESE. Why?...I have no idea. I immediately called Dell tech support...I talked with a tech in India...he had to transfer me (naturally)...he disconnected the call...I called back...I got a message they were closed, but I could go to the Dell website for frequently asked questions. Unbelievable! I called Dell again early the next morning (Saturday 8/25...spoke to a tech in India...asked to speak with a supervisor...was told none was available. I told the tech not to transfer me to anyone. I was fed up! I told him my story...he apologized...they always's in their script. He stated he would place an order to have the correct disc shipped as soon as possible. I asked what that meant. He stated it was 8:30 p.m. in India and he would have needed to have placed the order by 5:00 p.m., so he would place it with the U.S. on their next work day. I told him the computer was needed in service on 8/27. I asked him to ship it overnight, but he said he did not have that option, but maybe I would have it by the 28th or 29th. It is now the evening of the 31st. The mail was disc. I'm guessing it won't be delivered Saturday either. Fortunately, I paid my tech $100 to load an operating system last Monday, because I knew Dell wouldn't deliver nor do as they stated. That same tech will be back at my offices on Tuesday to start changing my equipment to HP. I am finished with Dell after 15 years of owning their equipment. I would return the disc when it arrives (if ever) and ask for a refund, but I'm out of energy. I started buying Dell because of their customer service, now I'm leaving them for the same reason.

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