Print jam message won't go away

I bought this printer from digital wish last march so I could run off color pictures for a student project. It  got a paper jam. I cleared the jam and the message will not go away and I still can't print. I ignored it over the summer but am not back in my classroom and would love it to work.

I've tried unplugging and replugging. Uninstalling the printer driver and then reinstalling. I have opened up every area possible and there is no paper anywhere. I ran the clean print heads-still the horrid paper jam message. I literally used this printer in march to run off 25 color copies and now it is a boat anchor on my desk. is there a reset button somewhere? Even though the printer is not a year old it is off warranty.


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Re: Print jam message won't go away

Hi Kirish43, 

You can reset the printer from the steps below:

Note: Resetting printer to factory defaults will delete all the printer customized settings and the fax numbers and address book set up on printer.  

  • Please take out the power brick from the back of the printer.
  • Now please press the 'Start' and 'Cancel' buttons together and keep them pressed.  While keeping them pressed please reinsert the power brick back.

Note: Do not release the start and cancel buttons till the time you see Dell logo on the printer LCD screen.

  • Once you see the Dell logo on the screen release the buttons, after that let me know, if you get the option to select country/language.

I am adding you as a friend; please accept my friend request and send me a private message with the system Service Tag so that I can check the printer details and help you further.

Please let me know the findings.

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S
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