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Printer head is not compatible with all in one printer.

I just bought a new computer. I installed the all in one printer that we have had for a few years onto the new computer. The printer came up with a message that the printer head is not compatible with the all in one printer. After uninstalling and reinstalling I looked up the troubleshooter and it said to clean the printer heads. I did exactly like the directions suggested. I reinstalled the printer head and the same message appeared. I then changed ink carter ages and the same message keeps coming up. I am stumped. It is a 515 model.
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RE: Printer head is not compatible with all in one printer.

This looks like a print head issue. Here are some steps that you can try:

  • Open the printer and then wait for the carriage to slide over
  • Remove ink cartridges from the print head.
  • Thoroughly clean the print head and each ink cartridge using a cotton swab that was dipped in hot water.
  • Continue cleaning until no residue of ink appears on the cotton swab.
  • Allow the ink cartridges and print head to dry and replace the cartridges
  • Perform a test print

If the error persists, the problem could be related with a defective ink cartridge or a print head that already requires replacement.

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