Problems with 3110cn

I have a dell xps400 dual core machine running xp pro 32 bit fully updated sp2 and a brand new dell 3110cn printer attached via USB. I have had nothing but problems so far trying to get it to print what I want when I want. I have d/l and installed the latest pcl6 and ps drivers (updated 2/4/08). The printer works fine for my invoicing system, as long as i keep pointing to the ps version of the printer. Under a dell tech rep's suggestion, I ordered the 1Gb ram and installed it today, thinking that some of these larger graphics files I am having problems with needed a larger memory buff.


When i send a print job that is more than a couple of Mb or so, the printer hangs and the operator console says Data Wait-USB where it sits for several minutes. Usually I have to power cycle the printer to clear the queue before I can get it to start printing again. Problem documents don't really seem to make much difference whether or not i point to the pcl6 or ps version.


All documents that hang up have been tried and successfully printed on a cheap hp inkjet printer, so i don't believe there is a problem with the documents themselves.


Why can't this $650 printer do everything a $50 one will without a bunch of heartache and discontent?


I am at my wit's end after several chat sessions with dell support, a couple of which suddenly disconnected, causing me to start all over.


I hope one of ya'll have some suggestions on what to do next, as I am real close to packaging this fine unit up and shipping it back to dell and ask for a refund.

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