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Problems with Dell AIO 968

I'm hoping someone can help me with what seems like a simple enough problem.  A few weeks ago my AIO was not printing.  It would print a page and then freeze.  I went through CS and after hours upon hours of trying many different appraoches, they just backed up my stuff, wiped everything out and had to restore it all.  Well, since that time my printer is printing, but I cannot fax unless I do it manually.  When I put a job on the scanner to scan, it will not allow me to type out the recipient's name and fax number, etc. through the monitor.  Instead, it will just print a copy of the scanned fax.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the AIO and when I did that I got a message that said something to the effect the fax component was not successfully installed.  Well, that would make sense as to why this is not working.  However, I have no clue how to install it.  I tried a CD labeled "Drivers and Utilities" but this looks to be a resource CD only.  In addition to this problem, I am now getting a window that pops up and says, "Printer status window interface has stopped working."  Can anyone help me?  Thanks very much.

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Re: Problems with Dell AIO 968


What OS are you using?   Model of system its connected to?

You may want to try to update the driver / firmware for your printer, but since I don't know which operating system you're currently connected to this link should take you to the main page for the printer to download the latest drivers.

Also, what virus protection are you using?  Could it be blocking your fax transmissions?

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