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SMB Login Error when scanning to Server 2012 share from Dell C2665dnf Colour


I am experiencing issues when Scanning from a Dell C2665dnf Color MFP to a Server 2012 share.

The SMB Login error I am receiving is error 031-522.

There are currently 3 of these Dell MFP's on the network and 2 out of 3 are able to Scan to the server share without issues. The one that is experiencing the issues has been tested with the same user as the other two, connecting to the same share.

My troubleshooting steps so far include:

- Creating a brand new user in Active Directory, creating a new share on the server with Full Control permissions for that user and then configuration the MFP to use those credentials.

- I have checked and copied all settings and configurations from the two working Dell MFP's on the network to one which isn't connecting to the share, so that they are identical.

- Updated the firmware on the MFP to the latest version.

- Enabled SMB1 on Server 2012 as a testing method. 

I have been able to get the MFP to scan to a share on a Windows 10 PC however.

Please note I have taken this up with Dell support and they have helped me troubleshoot with the above steps until they were sure it was an issue with Server configuration.

Could anybody suggest any possible reasons why there would be issues Scanning to a Server 2012 share using SMB on a network MFP?

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