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Script Error

This error message appears on my desktop screen. Whether I click yes or not, the message reappears when I try to use the computer. On the Tools menu on Internet Explorer, Advanced tab, under Browsing, I unchecked Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer). Just now, I re-checked it. I entered the URL and the webpage could not be found.. ____________________________________________________________________________________ An error has occurred in the script on this page Line 59 Char 6 Error: "BigAd" is undefined Code 0 URL- http://render.talk4free.com/ads/5YEAR/index.htm? DAT=UCORZNrq9XE%2F% 2BQ fahvgTFnkJG8umJ% 2F4xaMbquqTDryqAabIsQufC91geW4NkxlADrAUPE1wMWp Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Yes No ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can I correct this error? Is this error message legitimate or is it malware? Ellen
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RE: Script Error

I have the same problem. Just started this week. I have run MalwareBytes, Glary and Microsoft Essentials and found nothing. Must be some virus or such.
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