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Unable to Uninstalled V105 from My System

Hi Experts,

Can you please guide me how to uninstall V105 printer driver from my system? when i select uninstall dell V105, a popup appear with text "removing Dell V105..." the idle, i have no way to cancel the task. What a high end program I ever seen 😞

Since I failed to uninstall the software, i tried to repair the driver using the driver CD, it turn up even worst!!! After repaired it has created another printer icon - V105 (1), WHY??? I have yet have any chance to print out a single doc from the printer... off!!!

Hope you can guide me to resolve this problem...

Regards, Kevin

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Re: Unable to Uninstalled V105 from My System



I ususlly have people so this with other printers and this usually works. Bear with me and I'll try to get everything working. First, most programs need net framework and the latest Java to work properly. Net framework can be downloaded and installed from Windows Update, custom updates.


Disconnect the printer. Go to add/remove programs and unstall the printer. Check in printers and faxes and make sure it's not there. Also try Manual Printer Driver Removal


Restart your computer.



Download the proper drivers.

XP Drivers

Vista 32-bit Drivers

All other drivers

Install the proper drivers. You'll be prompted when to connect your printer(powered on)


Please remember to install the latest firmware for the V105 Printer.




Scanning using USB connection, open the Dell All-In-One Center, click on scanning and copying and scan from there.

Scanning wirelessly, use the scan buttons on the printer.





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