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V525 Wireless Setup

Not able to connect the printer on a wireless network, using the usb method,  Please help!

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Re: V525 Wireless Setup

Simon Louis,


Make and model of your wireless router? What channel and type of security are you using?


Does the printer have a WiFi Light? If yes, what color is it?





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Re: V525 Wireless Setup

I had the same problem. Look for the full printer manual. Find the section on static IP. The quick guide does not give you all the steps for a wireless connection. You will have go into the printer Advanced Settings where you can provide router information  and network  information. You can do a google search for static IP address for printers. HP and Samsung have videos that demonstrate how to assign a static IP to a printer. I was unable to find a Dell video.

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Re: V525 Wireless Setup


Is the printer getting detected ? If not, you have to disable bluetooth hardware replacement from the device manager. It will be listed under universal serial BUS controller.



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