We would like to express our ideas for a better-quicker response to trouble shooting,accessability to information.

   So we worked severial weesk in DELL web pages tryint to resolve an issue of "printer spooler server" missing.But after 28 DELL web pages reaserching ,"the how to fix" we would eventually find that no page nor no messanger could respond with a fix nor instructions as to how to fix the issue.We sent a very infromative message to an administrator !do we need to call names?.HBut he has failed to respond all together?so did he know hoe or did he simply just not care about the issue nor the message response,as an administrator.

    So if they offer the service, by forcing us to get user names and passwords, then have us wait 2 days to use it,then some admin.provide his email access but offer no resoonse.Then where are we here,what helpful Group in available to discuss these issues,then of what benifit are the contacts,if this "print spooler services "cant be addressed nor fixed, nor instructions that we can use to do the work,ourselves.So not only where are we here,but where are the people from DELL that could help us if only they were available.So if I sound some what agressive or disgusted,well then just accept it.My wife and myself are ready to trash all 18 DELL equipments, we have used and owned with great pride for many years.all and only because we cant any longer receive any support,that is of any benifit from DELL web pages nor emailing even their administrators,on a extremly basic-simple issue.

    Now they will do one thign continue to send us to other third party web pages to ask for help,then we get involved in help pages from RegCure,FixIt,as the list continues,we tried some and the starting named list were filled with viruses and vile issues that took us days to get rid of,and their prices averaged from $19.95 up to $65.00 .We contacted other officials and authorties to find that any program that uses the regisrty cleans are fraudlent and actually harm the registry,to cause other problems.So us all get together and see if we can get professional services from DELL before we delet them entirely.Thanks for all your responses,either to this forus or dircetly to my email address 

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or to

<ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>

and we do not want, a pile of fraudlent respoonses nor viruses sent us.

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