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What does 3115cn error code 117-363 mean?

Unfortunatly I have the following message "117-363 System Restart Printer Contact Support if Message Returns".

And the message returns!

According to the french support the problem come from the Fax, but I don not used Faw line and I never used it. According the forum, I have read that it comes from after a firmware upgrade failure. I have not made any upgrad.

Do you know how to reset the printer ?

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards.


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RE: What does 3115cn error code 117-363 mean?

Hello GILDAS29,

Thank you for posting to the forum. The core root of the issue is most likely the on board NVRAM failing. You can try a factory using the steps below, if issues persist I would recommend replacing the printer.


Up/Down arrows to navigate. Check mark to select.

Printer Settings

  1. Setup
  1. Admin Menu
  2. Maintenance
  1. Initialize NVM
  1. User Section or System Section
  1. Are You Sure?

  1. Yes

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RE: What does 3115cn error code 117-363 mean?

Thanks for your answer, but I can't do it, because I have forgotten the password. I am a looser!

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