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b1160w wifi printing

I am trying to configure the dell b1160 so I'll be able to print wirelessly. I'm able to print through the USB cable but not the but not wirelessly. I did the WPS and it seems to have connected to the router because it is showing up but after a few seconds, it changed to inactive. I have tried it both with macOS HighSierra and Win10 (under VMware fusion) and win8.1. None of them seem to be able to print.

Connection:   Wireless 2.4G
Connection Type:  802.11
IP Address:
Status: Inactive 
device info from the router
Device Information
Host: DELLB1160W
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
MAC Address: 00:15:99:e9:90:6d
 Wireless 2.4G
Protocol Supported:
Radio Configuration (T x R : S):
PHY Rate / Modulation Rate:
SNR: 0
Network Connection: Bridge
Lease Type:
Port Forwarding Services:

The LED on the printer is green. If I reboot the printer by removing power and turning it back on makes no difference.

Info from the network tab from dell printer manager

Please help before I throw the printer out the window.
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