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b1163 scanner error message


i have a dell b1163w all-in-one that was working perfectly fine up until about a month ago.  i'm not sure if a windows update mucked things up or not, but i can no longer scan.  the printer does work fine.  i get the message THE REQUESTED IMAGE COULD NOT BE SCANNED (even though i cannot even scan to start with).  PLEASE CHECK IF YOUR SCANNER IS CONNECTED PROPERLY...  IF YOUR SYSTEM DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH MEMORY (which it does), PLEASE TRY TO REDUCE THE IMAGE...  the not so funny part about this is, there is no image to start with and this is the message i get before even trying to scan anything.  i've plugged/unplugged power/usb cable multiple times, as well as removed/installed the software/drivers etc...multiple times.  i cannot get this to work, and i use my scanner more than my printer.

can anyone please, please help!

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