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dell 1720 printer issue

the printer panel light is flashing amber for flash toner low/flash replace drum

I swapped out the entire drum/toner unit from another 1720 that is not having an issue

and the light is still flashing, it can still print right now. any ideas what is going on internally



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Re: dell 1720 printer issue

If the continue light is solid, and the drum light is flashing, This is just a notification that the Photoconductor (PC) Drum is almost end of life and will need replacing soon. 

Any time an imaging drum is replaced on a 1700, 1710, or 1720 model dell laser printer, you must reset the photoconductor count.  The following procedure illustrates how this is done:
1. Open the front access cover
2. Press and HOLD the Cancel Button (Red X)
3. When you see the LED's 'Chase' turn the printer off
4. Close the access cover, and turn the printer back on
5. Press the Continue Button (Green Triangle) to print a settings report
6. Under the section 'Cartridge Information', locate the item 'PHOTOCONDUCTOR COUNT=0K' indicating 'Zero Thousands'.
s now been reset, and you should now be able to print normally.

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Re: dell 1720 printer issue

Thank You, It would be nice if the Dell instructions included your tip.

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Re: dell 1720 printer issue

Hi! I want to change the imaging drum of my dell 1720 printer. How can I change it? Can anyone help me?

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