dell 926 AIO not installing after upgrade to win 7 64 bit

After clean install upgrade to win 7 64 bit from Vista 32 bit on my dell 530 intel quadcore, my dell 926 AIO printer is not installing. The windows generic drivers and install work (or at least 'look' like they do) for scan and reader, but not for the printer. Windows update finds no drivers for the 'printer'. Have downloaded the 926 AIO win 7 64 bit drivers directly from dell (actually Twice just to be sure download was not corrupt)  as well as the printer 'cleanup' utility (dell dload filename= R166248 ). During running the install of the dell 7 64 bit dload file ( R150575.exe) it progresses until the 'connection' screen has a problem (screen right right after the 'firewall opening ' warning screen)  . It implies that my usb cables are not connected (they are, have tried 3 diff usb ports) and the 'next' option there is greyed out and my only option is to cancel the install.  I have run and rerun the 'clean up' utility, win update, and the Dell win 7 64 bit driver and All-in-One program install umpteen times using every combination. I have read and tried user ' nekno' 's 'fix', from the post  ' AIO 926 Printer won't work after upgrade ', to no avail as well. That 'fix' suggests turning UAC off, which I tried as well. 'nekno' mentions 'running win update 'manually' in his step #6 , which also implies that win update would supply the 'All in One Center', which I have doubts about.

This is driving me nuts, as my win 7 upgrade is done and the only thing not working is my DELL printer, which Dell says will work and does supply 64 bit win 7 drivers for. What is wrong here and how do I fix it??


p.s. I have pasted user 'nekno' 's fix below as well, in case it is useful.

---- user 'nekno' 's fix:  -------------------

In hopes of aiding anyone else encountering this issue, I went through the following to get my Dell AIO 926 working on Windows 7 x64. For me, it required disabling Windows UAC and installing the printer driver from Windows Update. Though I'm not interested in re-enabling it, if you want to use UAC, you could try re-enabling it after installing the driver.

  1. Downloaded and installed the printer and scanner drivers from Windows Update. Print jobs would not be queued, the printer showed as 'Offline' in Print Management. Attempting to print a test page resulted in an error saying there was no USB connection to the printer. Tried setting all driver EXEs in the Program Files and Windows\system32 and syswow64 folders to run as administrator, but that didn't help.
  2. Downloaded the drivers for Windows Vista x64 from Dell. The driver installation would proceed until it failed at the step requiring the user to connect the printer via USB. Despite being connected, the printer was never detected.
  3. Disabled Windows User Account Control. Rebooted.
  4. Downloaded the Dell Clean Up Utility (the Vista "patch"). Disconnected the printer, ran the utility, then rebooted again.
  5. Connected the printer, Windows detected the device and installed drivers for the card reader, but not the printer or scanner.
  6. Ran Windows Update manually, where the drivers were detected and installed. This time, with UAC disabled, the drivers and Dell All-In-One Center installed normally.
  7. Printing and scanning works normally.
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Re: dell 926 AIO not installing after upgrade to win 7 64 bit

I'm having the same problem with my Dell 962 AIO.  With the fix you pasted here, I was able to actually open the all in one center, but when I try to do anyhting, it tells me the printer is not connected.

Interestingly, when I go to Control Panel>Printers and right click the dell, I am able to scan documents through the windows utility.  However, if I try to scan through adobe, I get an error and have to close the program.

Had any luck yet?

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Re: dell 926 AIO not installing after upgrade to win 7 64 bit



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