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driver installation "print monitor unknown"

Been trying to install the driver for the 924 printer and I keep on getting an error "print monitor is unknown". Tried installing the driver a couple of times & still same error. I've checked the USB cable, tried different usb ports, and changed usb cable as well. System is an E310 and runs WinXp home. I also tried stopping & starting the print spooler but it has no effect. I know that the system is able to detect the printer because of the "found new hardware" message that appears. 
Any suggestions?
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Re: driver installation "print monitor unknown"

I do not work for Dell but I manage a Technical Support Department for a nation-wide cable company.  We have many customers calling in due to they have the same problem.  I have found out that the service "LEXbce Server" had been disabled on these systems and setting it to automatic resolves the issue.  Below is how you can do this and hopefully resolve your issue:
1.  Right Click on "My Computer"
2.  Select "Manage"
3.  Select "Services and Applications"
4.  Select "Services"
5.  Find: "LEXbce Server" - Change the "startup" from "disabled" to "automatic"
Then you can either start using your printer and/or if you don't have the drivers installed go ahead and install them now.

Thanks and good luck,
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