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fax reception with serial Telefone or Fax not possible with 1355cnW ?


Have since quite a time a 1355cnw, unsing fax more for sending. Now it was neccesary also to receive one and I
spent some time to investigate.

I would claim now that fax reception is not possIble with serial devices if connected as in "serial" countries like AT, D, CH etc obligatory.
E.g with  4 pol cable and the yellow plug inthe printer as outlined in the manual on page 49..

The symptoms:
Mode Telefon:
It should be possible to receive faxes, when hook off the phone and pressing the green start button.
Instead pressing the green button starts a copy....
Second variant is to give a 2 digits code. As its only possible to give 0-9, this has the nice side effect that when dialing sometimes the
fax thinks it wants to recieve - so this variant is not usable at all. (Other manufacturers allow for things like *5, dell does not.... )

Modus Fax:
You can set a number of seconds. Here the fax takes tha call after that number of seconds regardless if the phone or TAM has taken the call.

From this I conclude that the device simply cannot detect if the phone is on- or off-hook and is very poor tested.

Nevertheless I still hope that I  made some mistake as I cannot believe that Dell is producing a device that simply does not was its sold for,
so I would be interested to hear from people from countries where the phone or answering machine  is connected serial (with a 4 wire cable)
and what setting they did to receive faxes !

Or - from other people having the same issue and hopefully a solution !

Thanks  !

PS: Answering Machine / Tel ist Gigaset

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