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my printer reads printer carrier stall

i have a dell printer 966 that says printer carrier stall what should i do

the ink cartridge is not moving at all  the belt is loose  how can i fix this problem

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DELL-Chinmay S
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Re: my printer reads printer carrier stall

Hi Lindamt, 

Carrier Stall indicates a physically blocked carrier. This condition can occur for many possible reasons. Most often, the carrier is blocked because the ink cartridge lids are open while the printer is on. 

You can follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Reseat the Ink cartridges and make sure the lids are in place.      

  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Lift the printer's front cover. 

Note: The ink cartridge should be in the up/loading position unless the printer is busy. 

  • Squeeze the tabs on the cartridge lids and lift the cartridge lids up. The cartridge pops up when the lid is fully lifted.


  • Remove the cartridges.
  • Make sure that all of the protective tape has been removed from the contacts on the ink cartridge.
  • Replace the cartridges.
  • Snap the lids closed.
  • Close the printer's front cover.
  • When prompted on the printer's LCD to choose New or Old, choose Old.
  • Press Select.


Re-position the Encoder Strip:

Note: Please make sure the printer is powered off and power cord is not connected.

  • Remove the power cord from the printer.
  • Lift the scanner unit to expose the inside, where the printer cartridges are located.
  • Gently slide the ink cartridge carrier to the middle of the printer.
  • Gently move the top part of the printer belt to the right.
  • Using an index finger, gently push encoder strip down and then back up, to get it back into the slot located on the back of the ink cartridge carrier.

Inkjet Printer Encoder Strip 

  • Gently press the strip first to the rear, and then forward, to ensure that it is seated correctly.
  • Manually move the ink cartridge carrier to the left, then to the right, to check the positioning of the encoder strip.
  • Once the encoder strip has been re-seated, close the scanner lid.
  • Re-connect the power cord to the printer.


Hope it works for you. 

Please reply for in case you have more questions.

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S
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