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"wrong cartridge" Dell 3000cn

Our 3000cn seems to be having an issue with the magenta cartridge and I can't seem to find a way to over-ride or work around the problem. The first symptom was when it said to "replace" the magenta cartidge. Even though it was not empty, I replaced it. The printer did not seem to automatically update the fact that I put in a new cartidge so again it said "replace" the magenta cartridge. Out of frustration, I switched the menu to read 'not a dell cartridge" -- well that didn't help either. So I went back to 'dell cartridge' in the menu and yet again placed a new dell cartidge in the machine (yes, I removed the tape). Now it says, "wrong cartridge".  I give up !

This machine is our non-profit's only printer for flyers, brochures, etc --- and we haven't been able to print anything for one week while we've been trying to figure out how to 1) correct the problem  or 2) over-ride the problem and have a workaround.  We do not have a warranty contract with dell.

Can anyone help us with this?  Thanks so much in advance!

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