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retrieving faxes

I have a dell 946 AIO that says that i have faxes stored in memory. how do i retrieve them?

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Re: retrieving faxes

Hi nancyjean801,

Only faxes sent and received by 'Fax Console' can be seen by 'Fax Console'. You may try the following steps to check faxes received and sent:

Viewing Sent and Received Faxes Using Fax Console or Fax Service Management:

  • Click 'Start' >> 'Programs or All Programs' >> 'Accessories' >> 'Communications' >> 'Fax'.
  • Click 'Fax Console' or 'Fax Service Management'.

  • The following folders will appear:
    • Incoming - faxes currently being received.
    • Inbox - faxes that have been received.
    • Outbox - faxes scheduled to be sent.
    • Sent Items - faxes successfully sent.

  • Select 'Inbox' to view received faxes, or select 'Sent Items' to view sent faxes.
You may also check the user guide for this printer at http://bit.ly/174HBFI 
Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.
Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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