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Does ProSphere report on application trending?

I am a former Ionix user and recently refreshed my environment with VNX7500's. I no longer use Ionix but was told I am entitled to ProSphere. Do people like this new application? Is it simply Ionix with a new look? How are The reporting capabilities? Are you able to trend application growth as well like Exchange, Oracle, SQL, Vmware ect?

Am I better off with VNX Reports, Solar winds, Aptare?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Does ProSphere report on application trending?

Hi KForce,

IONIX was a brand name which covered a lot of products within the SRM and IT OPs space.

ProSphere is easy to deploy and use but it will not give you the trend application growth details you are looking for in the above post.

For Information on what objects ProSphere can discover, provide reports and performance details please review the documentation section of https://support.emc.com/products/15995_ProSphere

Some of the benefits of ProSphere include:

  • Ability to quickly add, move, and remove deployed instances of ProSphere as necessary
  • Ability to detect, anticipate, and predict performance problems
  • Ability to use policy-based data collection modes to support problem diagnosis
  • Ability to view the full context of a problem to speed diagnosis
  • Ability to produce summaries for operational managers, to enable efficient management of resources
  • Ability to view the current status of storage infrastructure utilization
  • Ability to identify current or anticipated problems in a storage infrastructure
  • Ability to discover the elements in a SAN and view discovered inventory and object details
  • Ability to view end-to-end paths of a selected object that appears on topology maps
  • Ability to tag configuration items with meaningful attributes
  • Ability to synchronize data between deployments of ProSphere
  • Ability to dynamically scale ProSphere to meet the requirements of a data center
  • Ability to share a distributed cache between virtual machines in a vApp, allowing ProSphere to scale to large environments
  • Ability to avoid requiring complex firewall policies

Usefull blog here http://www.vtexan.com/2013/01/08/how-to-install-emc-prosphere/ on deploying 1.7 with screenshots

Videos available on EMC Corp page on youtube which lets you see the look and feel of ProSphere http://www.youtube.com/user/EMCCorp/videos?query=prosphere

VNX Monitoring and Reporting software solution extends Unisphere element manager capabilities by providing unified performance and capacity trending information of VNX storage systems. This solution complements Unisphere's health alerts and Analyzer archive files in order to improve the efficiency of your storage environment https://support.emc.com/products/28885_VNX-Monitoring-&-Reporting


Speak with your EMC account team about Watch4Net https://support.emc.com/products/28924_Watch4net this should have the reporting capabilities for trend application growth for Exchange, Oracle, SQL, Vmware etc....