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Re: ProSphere .ovf file is not working

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Thanks Conor,

I would open a SR, anyways I use interop and DMX was not discovered, it says there might be some problem with access credentials.



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Re: ProSphere .ovf file is not working

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Hi Kapil,

Ensure the Username and password used is that of the SMI-S agent and not the SMI-S host.

The default user name and password of the SMI-S agent is the following

Username: admin
Password: #1Password

Confirm from a host on the same subnet of ProSphere you can connect/reach the ecom service for the SMI-S agent

http://<<SMI Provider IP>>:5988/ECOMConfig

Login with the SMI Provider access credentials when prompted (these are the same details used in the access credentials window in ProSphere)

If the browser fails to connect/display the login page from http://<<SMI Provider IP>>:5988/ECOMConfig ensure if a firewall is in place between ProSphere and SMI-S agent host that the port 5988 is opened. Restart the ECOM service on the SMI-S host to ensure it running correctly.

If you have no issue with connecting to http://<<SMI Provider IP>>:5988/ECOMConfig and the access credentials are correct open an SR with support



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